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POLARIS Proof of Concept 2008


First POLARIS image
The very first POLARIS image

What was the purpose of POLARIS Proof of Concept 2008?

While the a Functional Test Flight (FTF) was an instrument test, the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) campaign primarily aimed to verify the usefulness of the system for glaciological applications.

The PoC campaign took place in Greenland in May 2008, where surface melting is not yet an issue and where the weather conditions are more attractive during the Arctic winter.

What was the outcome of POLARIS Proof of Concept 2008?

In combination with the FTF the POLARIS system was successfully integrated with the Twin Otter aircraft and the EMI test was carried out. The system functionality was tested and even if a number of errors were identified the first POLARIS image could be produced.

Download the POLARIS Proof of Concept 2008 Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2008
Geographic SiteGreenland
Field ApplicaionP-Band ice sheet sounding
Data SizeMore than 50 GB

Digital Object Identifier: - POLARIS Proof-of-Concept 2008: "P-Band Ice Sounding Radar Demonstrator Development; Campaign Report"


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