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What was the purpose of HYFLEX?

HYFLEX campaign aircraft
The campaign was carried out to determine whether fluorescence from vegetation could be detected from the air using a novel sensor called HyPlant.

The HYFLEX campaign aimed to deliver maps of sun-induced fluorescence recorded from airborne measurements using the approaches of the space-borne FLEX mission. Airborne data to be validated by ground-based measurements. Those data provide a crucial element related to fluorescence retrievals from space in the context of the FLEX mission, as implemented in tandem with Sentinel-3.

What was the outcome of HYFLEX?

The HYFLEX campaign tested and verified the performance of the Hyperspectral Plant Imaging Spectrometer (HyPlant).

The objectives of the HYFLEX activity were:

  1. operate and verify the new HyPlant sensor through airborne measurement activities over agricultural and forest areas
  2. calculate maps of sun-induced fluorescence using the proposed approaches of the spaceborne FLEX mission and to validate these maps using ground-based measurements of top-of-canopy sun-induced fluorescence
  3. compare airborne fluorescence estimates over agricultural and forest areas to ground measurements and model simulations.

These objectives were achieved through the collection, processing, and preliminary analysis of airborne and correlative datasets. Through this activity, it was possible to verify the signal in the context of future missions, document the link between fluorescence signal and vegetation geophysical properties, and support the elaboration of mission-specific algorithms.

The work carried out in this study was beneficial to the Earth Explorer candidate mission and particularly to demonstrating the advantages of the selected implementation concept for measuring land surface vegetation fluorescence.

Download the HYFLEX Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2012
Geographic SiteAgricultural areas (Germany)
Forest areas (CZ)
Field of ApplicationAirborne hyperspectral data and ground-based in-situ
Data Size3 TB
LIDAR DataAvailable

Digital Object Identifier: HYFLEX: "Technical Assistance for the Deployment of an Advanced Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor during HYFLEX",


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