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Tomographic retrieval of the temperature field
Tomographic retrieval of the temperature field
for the research flight on 25 January 2016 over Iceland.

What was the purpose of GWEX?

The Gravity Wave Experiment (GWEX) study objective was to perform Gravity Wave(GW) observations with the airborne IRLI GLORIA on board of HALO. In this way for a first time 3-D tomographic reconstructions of mesoscale GW events in the lower stratosphere were taken.

What was the outcome of GWEX?

Two gravity wave events were observed. On 25 January 2016 a mountain wave above Iceland was reconnoitered. On 28 January 2016 GWs excited by strong winds approaching the southern part of Scandinavia were investigated. For both events tomographic retrievals were performed and the 3-D wave structures were investigated. Consistent pictures of these GWs and their excitation could be inferred.

Download the GWEX Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2016
Release DateFebruary 2019
Geographic SiteIceland, Greenland
Field of ApplicationGravity waves generated by low-level winds
Data Size91 MB

Digital Object Identifier: - GWEX: "Technical Assistance for the Deployment of the GLORIA instrument during the Gravity Wave Experiment (GWEX)"


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