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AHS sensor and INTA plane.
AHS sensor and INTA plane.

What was the purpose of EAGLE?

The general purpose of the EAGLE2006 campaign was:

  1. Acquisition of simultaneous multi-angular and multi-sensor (from visible to microwave domain) data over a grassland and a forest.
  2. Advancement of process understanding in description of radiative and turbulent processes in land-atmosphere interactions.
  3. Validation of primary bio-geophysical parameters derived from satellite data using insitu and airborne data.
  4. Improvement of soil moisture retrieval accuracy by synergy of multi-angular (Lband) SMOS and multi-angular C-band SAR/Optical-thermal observations.
  5. Development of operational algorithms to extract land surface parameters and heat fluxes from the future EPS/MetOp mission.
  6. Development of physically based drought monitoring and prediction method (Hydroclimatologic modeling) on the basis of EPS/MetOp observations.

What was the outcome of EAGLE?

A unique dataset has been acquired, including (quasi)simultaneous SAR and optical (hyperspectral, visible and thermal) and atmospheric turbulence airborne datasets as well as ground measurements. Atmospheric data from different ground based sensors has been gathered in combination with in-situ atmospheric soundings to characterize the atmospheric conditions during airborne and satellite acquisitions. The SAR data are of high quality at different frequencies (with relevance to Sentinel-1 simulation) and the optical data are of high quality as well (for Sentinel-2 simulation). In addition, the turbulence acquisitions and ground data are of also good quality.

Download the EAGLE Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2006
Geographic SiteCabauw, Loobos,
Speul derbos (NL)
Field ApplicaionNatural Vegetation
(Grassland and Forest)
Data SizeMore than 50 GB

Digital Object Identifier: - EAGLE: "EAGLE Netherlands Multi-purpose, Multi-Angle and Multi-sensor In-situ, Airborne and Space Borne Campaigns over Grassland and Forest "


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