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What was the purpose of DOMEX-3?

The DOMEX-3 experiment is the follow on of two previous experiments called DOMEX-1 and DOMEX-2 which were successfully conducted at Concordia base, Antarctica, by IFAC-CNR in cooperation to ESA and PNRA.

The objective of the project is to contribute to the long-term deployment of an L-Band Radiometer at Concordia Station. The activity of the contract is divided in four phases: the first phase deals with the preparation of the instrument and the experiment while the other three phases are constituted by the campaign and the analysis of the data acquired during the five campaigns conducted between 2013 and 2017.

What was the outcome of DOMEX-3?

The results obtained in these contracts demonstrated that DOME-C represents a unique “high”- temperature (i.e. higher than 150 K), extended target that provides a temporally-stable reference which potentially meets existing requirements for assessing the long-term stability of space-borne L-band radiometric instruments.

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Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)Release DateData SizeGeographic SiteField of Application
2013 44 MbAntarctica, DOME-CTower based L-Band radiometric measurements and in-situ snow temperatures
2014 29.5 Mb
2015 32.2 Mb
2016 31.2 Mb
2017August 201831.2 Mb

Digital Object Identifier: - DOMEX-3 2013 to 2017


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