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Snow accumulation observed during 2010
Snow accumulation observed during 2010

What was the purpose of DOMEx-2?

The DOMEx-2 was an experimental campaign with ground based radiometers started at Concordia Base in Austral Summer 2008 to check the stability of L band emission at yearly scale, within the framework of the ESA-SMOS calibration and validation activities.

The project had three different objectives:

  1. To carry out all the required activities in order to guarantee logistical support, field instrument deployment and data relay and analysis for the DOMEx-2 campaign
  2. To exploit multi‐frequency passive and active satellite data in order to verify the spatial and temporal homogeneity of an area of the East Antarctic plateau for SMOS calibration purposes,
  3. To evaluate the impact of the Faraday Rotation on the temporal stability of the SMOS measurements.

What was the outcome of DOMEx-2?

The campaign started successfully in November 2008, from this date Radomex data was acquired until December 2010. Because of extreme environmental conditions some problems affected the campaign in both winter seasons.


Download the DOMEX-2 Final Report


Campaign Summary
Year 2010
Geographic Site DOME C, Antarctica
Field of Application L-Band radiometer data
(SMOS) Meteorological
and ground data
Data Size 0.29

Digital Object Identifier: - DOMEX-2: "Tecnical Support for the Development of an L-Band Radiometer at Concordia Station During DOMEX-2 and Data Analysis"

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