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Tower used for the radiometer experiments
Tower used for the radiometer experiments

What was the purpose of DOMEX-1?

The aim of this project, which was carried out within the framework of the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) calibration activities, was to realise two low-frequency (L and C band) microwave radiometers, capable of operating in severe weather conditions, and to collect a time series of microwave measurements of the Antarctic plateau at Dome-C.

What was the outcome of DOMEX-1?

As part of ESA's calibration and validation programme for the Earth Explorer SMOS mission, data collected during the Antarctic DOMEX field campaign have confirmed that this cold and remote wilderness is well suited for extended calibration activities relating to space-borne radiometer missions.


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Campaign summary
Year 2004
Geographic Site Dome-Concordia (Antarctica)
Field of Application SMOS
Data Size 0.8

Digital Object Identifier: - DOMEX-1: "Technical Support for the Deployment of an L-band radiometer at Concordia Station"

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