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What was the purpose of DESIREX 2008?

DESIREX campaign transect equipment
DESIREX campaign - transect equipment

DESIREX 2008 (Dual-use European Security IR Experiment 2008) was conceived as an experimental campaign in the city of Madrid (Spain) which was carried out in support of the proposed activities for the Reorientation of the Fuegosat Consolidation Phase of the Earth Watch Programme.

The campaign objectives were:

  1. To analyse the necessary datasets to perform a preliminary mission analysis for a dedicated TIR sensor (within Fuegosat Programme reorientation) that would feature the necessary higher spatial resolution and revisiting time for a more adequate provision of LST retrievals in the metropolitan areas of European cities.
  2. The retrieval of Land Surface Temperatures and Air Temperatures of urban and surrounding rural areas, at a high spatial resolution (10 to 30 m) in order to study in details the spatial variability of UHI in metropolitan areas.
  3. The analysis of comprehensive validation data sets – together with the data from the urban weather stations and from ad-hoc field campaigns - for the quality assessment of the UHI information products. Finally, the study of energy balancing of the cities for a better response to the energy efficiency policies.

What was the outcome of DESIREX 2008?

The DESIREX campaign was successfully carried out during the intensive period of measurements.

Download the DESIREX Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2008
Geographic SiteCity of Madrid (Spain)
Field of ApplicaionUrban Heat Islands
(Multispectral Thermal Infrared)
Data SizeMore than 50 GB
LIDAR DataAvailable

Digital Object Identifier: - DESIREX: "Dual-use European Security IR Experiment 2008"


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