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CryoVEx 2007


What was the purpose of CryoVEx 2007?

Following the successful 2004, 2005 and 2006 campaigns, the CryoVEx2007 campaign took place in Svalbard from 15 to 25 April 2007. The airborne part of the campaign was successfully carried out by the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI).

The CryoSat validation activities undertaken during 2004, 2005 and 2006 involved simultaneous radar altimetry and laser data acquisition over land ice and sea ice sites in the Arctic. Ground-based land ice measurement activities were carried out to characterize surface and subsurface snow and ice conditions. The spring 2007 campaign repeated many of the airborne and ground measurements undertaken in the last campaigns. Ground measurements took place at the Austfonna site and were carried out by scientist of the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Scott Polar Institute.

The key objectives aside from the repeat measurements of the CryoSat validation lines were to test the upgraded ASIRAS-LAM (Low Altitude Mode) and interferometric studies using the ASIRAS HAM (High Altitude Mode).


What was the purpose of CryoVEx 2007?

The airborne part of the CryoVEx2007 campaign was successfully carried out by AWI. The DLR D-CODE aircraft was flown for a total of 20 hours, and gathered laser scanner data and ASIRAS radar data on the main CryoSat validation sites and also over the Kongsvegen glacier, the sea ice of the Walfjorden and along an Envisat track. The analysis of the time lag corrected datasets show good results.

The data collected during CryoVEx 2007 will be important for understanding CryoSat radar signals, and the processed data presents many opportunities for additional scientific investigations, such as e.g. the direct mapping of snow thickness by the combination of laser and radar, a detailed understanding on snow and firn penetration of the CryoSat signal etc. A number of overflights of corner reflectors on the Austfonna icecap will aid this research, as well as serving the calibration of ASIRAS.

Download CryoVEx 2007 final report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2007
Geographic SiteArctic (Svalbard)
Field of ApplicationLand ice. Radar and laser altimetry


Digital Object Identifier: European Space Agency, CryoVEx 2007,


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