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BioSAR 2010


What was the purpose of BioSAR-3?

Size of the deployed trihedrals in Remningstorp

The BioSAR-3 campaign was a data collection experiment undertaken within the BIOMASS mission framework.

The BioSAR-3 campaign, also referred to as BioSAR 2010, was specifically planned and implemented to investigate possibilities for a future spaceborne P-band polarimetric and interferometric SAR with a life-time of multiple years. During the campaign, airborne SAR data was collected over the same test site (Remningstorp, Sweden) used during a previous campaign BioSAR-1 in 2007. With more than three years of time span between the campaigns, it provided a unique opportunity to study forest changes and their affect on the radar observations.

The main objectives for the BioSAR 2010 campaign were to provide feedback on:

  • The ability of BIOMASS in detecting and mapping changes by updated retrieval of forest parameters (due to forest growth or disturbances such as thinning or clear-cuts)
  • Cross-calibration between the ONERA SETHI airborne SAR system and DLR E-SAR to ensure consistent interpretation of radar signatures across campaign datasets and the validity of global retrieval algorithms developed based on such data sets
  • Robustness of biomass retrieval algorithms with respect to changes in forest conditions, e.g. soil moisture and local ground slopes
  • Long-term coherence of P-band over forested and other natural surfaces.


What was the outcome of BioSAR-3?

The BioSAR 2010 campaign was planned and successfully implemented during the summer and fall of 2010 over the Remningstorp forest test site in southern Sweden. The planning and execution of the campaign was done with the aim to address all of the agreed primary objectives.

Download the BioSAR-3 Final Report


Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2010
Geographic SiteRemningstorp (Sweden)
Field of ApplicationForest Biomass Mapping using L- and P-band SAR
Data SizeMore than 50 GB
LIDAR DataAvailable

Digital Object Identifier: - BioSAR-3 (2010): ESA Study: "Technical Assistance for the Development of Airborne SAR and Geophysical Measurements during the BioSAR 2010 Experiment."


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