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What was the purpose of BioSAR-2?

The BioSAR-2 campaign, also refered to as BioSAR 2008, was carried out in October 2008 in Northern Sweden. The main objective was to record SAR data over boreal forests with topographic effects to investigate the effect on biomass retrieval. In addition, the forest should exhibit characteristics typical for more northern latitudes in contrast to the BioSAR 2007 campaign conducted in southern Sweden at the Remningstorp test site, found in a fairly flat landscape.

What was the outcome of BioSAR-2?

The BioSAR 2008 campaign collected in-situ and airborne SAR data in support of decisions taken on satellite instrument configurations for the BIOMASS satellite mission. In addition it provided an important database for the study of longer term mission concepts. While the BioSAR 2007 campaign collected data with the objective to investigate the effect of temporal decorrelation at P-band with 100MHz and 6MHz bandwidth in southern Sweden, BioSAR 2008 recorded data at boreal forests with strong topographic effects in northern Sweden to investigate the effect on forest height estimation and radar backscatter signal variation.


Download the BioSAR-2 Final Report


Campaign Summary
Year 2008
Geographic Site Krycklan (Sweden)
Field of Application Forest Biomass Mapping using L- and P-band SAR
Data Size More than 50 GB


Digital Object Identifier: - BioSAR-2 (2008): ESA: "Technical Assistance for the Development of Airborne SAR and Geophysical Measurements during the BioSAR 2008 Experiment"

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