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What was the purpose of BACCHUS-DOC?

Vineyards near Frascati, Italy
Vineyards near Frascati, Italy

In the framework of its Earth Observation Envelope Programme ESA carries out ground-based and airborne campaigns to support geophysical algorithm development, calibration/validation, etc., and applications development related to land, oceans and atmosphere.

One of the supported activities is the BACCHUS project, which is an area mapping project of vineyards near Frascati (Italy). For this project ESA required high resolution geo-referenced airborne SAR data of different wavelength and polarisation (preferably polarimetric).

An airborne SAR survey was the objective of the campaign to generate an ortho-rectified high resolution reference data set for immediate use within the BACCHUS project and to demonstrate the potential of airborne radar remote sensing. Analysis of airborne SAR data will complement the high resolution visible data set, the coincident in-situ measurements and the additional available satellite data (ERS, SPOT, LANDSAT, IKONOS, QUICKBIRD) to test the grade of reliability to measure vineyard surfaces according to the plantation schemes and assess the optimal performances for defining operational survey recommendations.

The main scientific objectives of the BACCHUS-DOC campaign was:

  • Investigation on polarimetric radar potentialities for the estimation of parameters useful for vine inventory and characterisation (i.e. vineyard limits, row spacing, row orientation, metallic/non metallic poles and wires for vineyard trellising, rate of missing plants, production estimate).
  • Assessment of the sensitivity of polarimetric measurements to the grape biomass.
  • Assessment of polarimetric radar potentialities for the estimation of soil parameters such as roughness and moisture.


What was the outcome of BACCHUS-DOC?

The BACCHUS-DOC Radar and Optical Campaign consisting of two E-SAR flight missions in October 2005 (pre-vintage and post-vintage) was successfully executed by DLR over the test area 'Frascati' in collaboration with the University Tor Vergata and ESA-ESRIN. A complete set of radar measurement data processed by DLR-HR up to Level 1b (geo-coded image products) was collected and delivered. Application specific evaluation of the data was carried out by University Tor Vergata.


Download the BACCHUS-DOC Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2005
Geographic SiteFrascati, Italy
Field of ApplicationAgriculture
Data Size23GB

Digital Object Identifier: - BACCHUS-DOC


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