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AWVS antenna subsystem
AWVS antenna subsystem

What was the purpose of AirScatterGNSS?

In this project an Airborne Wind Vector Scatterometer (AWVS) system was designed and built for measurements of sea surface backscattering from an aircraft. The instrument design was based on a mechanical framework and antennas already existing in the aircraft.

In the frame of this project the radar transmission/receiving electronics was designed, tested and build. Backend for the radar was compiled using a commercial data acquisition unit loaned for the project.


What was the outcome of AirScatterGNSS?

In the end, the developed AWVS scatterometer fulfilled the aims of this project.

In use, the developed scatterometer has shown great stability, which is probably due to careful component selection and good functionality of the thermal stabilisation system of HUTRAD. However, it was confronted during the project that the initalisation of the thermal control, which is done using 30 year old soft and hardware, has poor reliability.


Download the AirScatterGNSS final report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2015
Geographic SiteGulf of Finland
Field of ApplicationScatterometer wind data
Data Size35.3 Mb

Digital Object Identifier: - AirScatterGNSS: "Campaign based on Airborne Wind Vector Scatterometer to support validation of satellite GNSS-R measurements"


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