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AgriSAR 2009


What was the purpose of AgriSAR 2009?

AGRISAR 2009 Example of a Sentinel-1 IW GTC Product
AGRISAR 2009 Example of a Sentinel-1 IW GTC Product

The AgriSAR 2009 campaign was defined to leverage the RADARSAT-2 mission to better understand and demonstrate the potential for GMES land monitoring user services, particularly in agriculture, based on time series of C-band SAR data from the Sentinel-1 mission.


What was the outcome of AgriSAR 2009?

Over the 2009 growing season RADARSAT-2 polarimetric data were acquired twice weekly over three diverse agriculture test sites at Barrax, Spain, Flevoland, The Netherlands and Indian Head, Saskatchewan. RapidEye optical images were also acquired over each test site. Ground surveys were conducted to provide extensive crop maps as well as crop details for selected representative fields. The RADARSAT-2 data were used to simulate Sentinel-1 Interferometric Wide Swath mode dual-pol SLC and GTC products and quad-pol GTC products at equivalent resolution. Nearly 1000 products were simulated.


Download the AgriSAR 2009 Final Report

Campaign summary
Data Coverage (Year)2009
Geographic SiteBarrax (E)
Flevoland (NL)
Indian Head (CDN)
Field of applicationSimulated
Sentinel-1 SAR imagery
for agricultural monitoring
Data sizeMore than 50 GB


Digital Object Identifier: - AgriSAR 2009: "Final Report Vol1 Executive Summary, Data Acquisition, Data Simulation"


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