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Announcement of Opportunity for NovaSAR-1

ESA is launching an Announcement of Opportunity for the international scientific community to access data from the NovaSAR-1 mission for science and EO-based applications development.

Learn more about NovaSAR-1 data distribution and how to request data products.

NovaSAR-1 new acquisition data are available in two baseline acquisition modes:

  • Stripmap – provides the highest resolution of 6 metres with up to 20 km swath selected from a 150 km field of regard, available in single polarisation.
  • ScanSAR – has a 20 - 30 metre resolution and up to 150 km swath. Available in single polarisation.

Within each of the baseline modes there are a variety of mode options that vary according to ground range resolution, incidence angles, swath width and the number of looks.

NovaSAR-1 data are provided as a Level 2 (ARD) product as standard, but the accompanying Level 1 data may also be requested.

Level 1 – delivered as reconstructed, unprocessed instrument data at full resolution.

Level 2 (ARD) – delivered as a processed product with applied radiometric and geometric corrections i.e. orthorectification and spatial registration:

  • Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected (GEC) – Maritime and ocean applications
  • Geocoded Terrain Corrected (GTC) – Land applications and change detection


The NovaSAR-1 Announcement of Opportunity Call is open to users worldwide, with a proposal submission deadline of 20 December 2024.