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Swarm - Spherical Elementary Current System


The Swarm - Spherical Elementary Current System (Swarm-SECS) project investigated how the method of Spherical Elementary Current Systems (SECS) can be applied to Swarm magnetic and electric field data in order to create new data products estimating electric currents and conductances in the auroral ionosphere.

The Swarm-SECS project, applied to electric and magnetic field data measured by Swarm, allows a precise determination of the ionospheric currents, of the plasma convection and the Hall and Pedersen conductance. In particular, SECS consisted of two parts:

  • A feasibility study to develop a new Swarm data product based on SECS analysis of the high latitude magnetic and electric field data.
  • The development of a prototype tool for the SECS analysis of the magnetic field data collected by Swarm at middle and low latitudes.

More information about Swarm-SECS project

Project duration: August 2016 - August 2018.