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Since 2007, the Swedish-led minisatellite mission Odin is part of ESA's Third Party Mission (TPM) program. The Submillimeter wave Radiometer (SMR) is an instrument on board Odin.

In September 2015, ESA/SPPA (Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithms) took the initiative to support the reprocessing of all Odin-SMR measurements in order to create a fully consistent and homogeneous dataset of stratospheric species profiles. The need for a complete reprocessing arose from the many years of operation of the satellite (2001-present) and the experience gained in data processing. A new processing baseline and calibration scheme is being developed and applied. Details on the reprocessing are available on the ODIN-SMR Project Portal.

Odin-SMR Recalibration and Harmonisation project is an Instrument Characterisation and Algorithm Study. Maintenance and improvements of instrument characterisation and algorithm definition are crucial activities to guarantee that the requirements formulated in the Mission Requirement Document. These activities are nominally managed within the Quality Working Group (QWG), though some complementary studies are funded by ESA for supporting ad-hoc recalibration and reprocessing campaigns as well as for developing advanced scientific processors and innovative geophysical products.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this project, contact:

Prof. Donal Murtagh
Organisation: Chalmers University of Technology Department of Earth and Space Science

Dr. Angelika Dehn
Organisation: ESA/ESRIN

Activity Consortium

Since the launch of Odin in 2001, the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at Chalmers have been responsible for processing the Level 2 products.

The processing activity has been financed by ESA since 2007. Odin is part of ESA's Third party mission program within its Earthnet Programme.

The current reprocessing campaign is a cooperation between Chalmers and Molflow.



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