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Project Documents


Project Documents

Phase 1 (complete)

  • DEL-2 TCWV Draft Methodology: covered by RSofE paper below
  • DEL-6 TCWV Initial Validation Report: covered by RSofE paper below
  • DEL-7 (P2 DEL-2) SAA Validation Report:  in preparation 
  • DEL-10 (P2 DEL-3) SAA ATBD: in preparation 
  • DEL-22 Final Report on Radiative Transfer Modelling : to be covered by papers below
  • DEL-25 ATSR Calibration Analysis Literature Review: available imminently  
  • DEL-26 SWIR Calibration Analysis Methodology Report – to be covered by paper below


Phase 2 (ongoing)

  • DEL-5 Annotated Preserved Data Set Contents document and/or list of target documents for preservation for ATSR-1, ATSR-2 and AATSR
  • DEL-6 Document Retrieval Final Report
  • DEL-7 ATSR Calibration Analysis Themed Reports, as required
  • DEL-9 ATSR Calibration Analysis Methodology Report (Update) and/or new methodology document(s)
  • DEL-10 TCWV Land Feasibility Study
  • DEL-11 TCWV Land ATBD (if feasible)
  • DEL-13 ATSR Cloud Detection Feasibility Study
  • DEL-14 ATSR Cloud Detection ATBD (if feasible)
  • DEL-17 Recommendations for information for the Sentinel-3 User Handbook/FAQ regarding SLSTR gridding
  • DEL-1 (P1 DEL-9) TCWV Final Validation Report
  • DEL-4 (P1 DEL-13 & 14) Project Final Report (including Project Evolution Report)



Poster: Two Decades of Water Vapour Total Column from ATSRs using the Advance InfraRed WAter Vapour Estimator (AIRWAVE) tool


ALTS poster