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One the aim of HMA was to formalise the interfaces defined in the project by having them accepted by an international standardisation body. 2 routes were followed:

  • The OpenGeoSpatial Consortium (OGC): most HMA ICDs are profiles of OGC baseline specifications. HMA has become a major influence of the OGC specifications in the course of this project. The HMA ICD’s (and the status of their standardisation process) are also available browsing the OGC website.
  • The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN): in parallel to the process with OGC, the HMA project has also worked with CEN to ratify the HMA ICDs through their organisation. This process was officially KO’d during the HMA Standards Workshop in Frascati (28th of April 2006) and will be concluded before the end of 2007

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