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Planned Activities

There are 3 main follow-on activities foreseen at the moment:

  • The implementation of the operational DAIL and of the first set of GS services
  • The setup of an HMA Architecture Board to manage the evolution of the HMA architecture
  • The setup and running of a permanent testbed for testing and validation of the next generation of HMA services (HMA-T project, already in place and running)

HMA Testbed Project

The HMA Testbed – HMA-T ESA project has been established to:

  • Permit the consolidation/evolution of HMA standards in parallel with the DAIL implementation.
  • Permit conformance testing of the HMA standards.
  • Support take-up of standards by European users and software developers.
  • Provide a permanent testbed based on SOA architecture.

Regarding the evolution of HMA standards, HMA-T has the objective of using the ebRIM Application Profile of OGC CSW for EO Product Metadata Catalogue, for Collection and Service Discovery. In this context the following specifications have been prepared / updated:

  • OGC 07-038, OGC™ Cataloguing of ISO Metadata (CIM) using the ebRIM profile of CS-W, which covers Collection and Service Discovery and it is already incorporated within HMA specifications;
  • Update of OGC 06-131, OGC™ Catalogue Services Specification 2.0 - EO Products Extension Package for ebRIM (ISO/TS 15000-3) Profile of CSW 2.0, to align with GML Application Schemas OGC 06-080. Part of HMA specifications as well.

Regarding conformance testing, the HMA-T project:

  • is establishing a permanent test environment at ESRIN based on the Service Support Environment;
  • is preparing CITE (OGC Compliance & Interoperability Testing & Evaluation) scripts for:
  • CSW ebRIM Application Profile (Galdos, OWS-4): OGC 07-049
  • ebRIM extension package for EO: OGC 06-131

Development activities also undertaken in this project are:

  • Support for ebRIM extension package for EO in Ionic catalogue – proxy approach
  • Support for ebRIM extension package for EO in Indicio catalogue (Galdos)
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