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The areas of additional work complemented the tasks of the core project on the subjects of:

  • GSE Service Interoperability Requirements: analysis of the data access scenarios within the context of the GSE data requirements and the GMES  Fast Track Services,
  • User & Identity management taking into account the uncertainty on the GMES Governance and the constraints imposed by the commercial use of the participating missions,
  • Information Security based on a tailoring of the ISO standards 17799 and 27001.
  • Detailed definition of the operational concept and interface definition and standardisation for the harmonised Online Data - Access to data from national and EUMETSAT missions
  • Mission Planning
  • Consolidation of the EO DAIL Requirements Baseline
  • Change of the Catalogue ICD baseline from the ISO profile baseline to the ebRIM baseline
  • Preparation of film material to support the Final Presentation
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