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Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility(HMA)
Project Overview

The main objective of the project is to involve the stakeholders, namely national space agencies, satellite or mission owners and operators, in a harmonization and standardization process of their ground segment services and related interfaces. HMA is the first project launched and overviewed by the GSCB.


  EADS-Astrium Ltd   UK
  Spacebel sa   Belgium
  Datamat spa   Italy
  SPOT Image   France
  Siemens Austria   Austria
  Scisys Ltd   UK
  EADS-Astrium SAS   France

Partners and Contributing Missions:

  Partners   Missions
  ASI/Alenia Spazio   Cosmo-Skymed
  CNES   Pleaiades, SPOT
  CSA/MDA   Radarsat 2
  DLR   Terrasar
  DMC   Disaster Monitoring Constellation
  EUMETSAT   Meteo Missions
  EUSC   User
  ESA   ERS, ENVISAT, Sentinels


HMA video
Harmonising Access
to Earth Observation Data
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