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SeaSAR 2006
SeaSAR 2006 Programme

  Proceedings of SEASAR

Advances in
from Envisat
and ERS
23-26 January 2006
Frascati, Italy
April 2006
Proceedings of SEASAR 2006
Advances in SAR Oceanography
from Envisat and ERS Missions

23-26 January 2006
Frascati, Italy

G.A. Athanassoulis (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)
B. Chapron (IFREMER, France)
P. Clemente-Colôn (NOAA/NESDIS, USA)
J. Da Silva (University of Lisboa, Portugal)
M. Xia He (Ocean University of China, China)
J. Horstmann (GKSS, Germany)
J. Schulz-Stellenfleth (Germany Aerospace Center, Germany)
J.A. Johannessen (NERSC, Norway)
H. Johnsen, (NORUT, Norway)
G. Kallos (IASA-University of Athens, Athens)
V. Kerbaol (BOOST Technologies, France)
M. Junmin (FIO, China)
I. Robinson (Southampton Oceanography Centre, England)
D.R. Thompson (JHU-APL, USA)
P.W. Vachon (Defence R&D Canada, Canada)
C.C. Wackerman (Veridian Systems, USA)
J. Antonio Lorenzzetti (INPE, Brazil)
B. Holt (NASA, USA)
S. Lehner (DLR, Germany)
W. Alpers (University of Hamburg, Germany)

Y.-L. Desnos (ESA)
B. Rosich-Tell (ESA)
M. Engdahl (ESA)
M. Drinkwater (ESA)
E. Attema (ESA)

Cover image:
Doppler-derived radial surface velocity (m/s) off the Florida strait based on an ASAR image 5 July 2005.
The radial direction is mostly toward the east, northing about 10 degrees.
(Credit: BOOST Technologies)

Proceedings of SEASAR 2006, 23-26 January 2006, Frascati, Italy,
(ESA SP-613, April 2006)
H. Lacoste
Compiled by:
L. Ouwehand
Published and distributed by: ESA Publications Division
Postbus 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands
Printed in: The Netherlands
ISBN No: 92-9092-924-3
ISSN No: 1609-042X
Copyright: © 2006 European Space Agency

Corrigendum: Missing paper from Proceedings on final CD as follows:
A Meso-Scale Brazil Current Frontal Eddy: Observations by Asar,
Radarsat-1 Complemented with Visible and Infrared Sensors, In Situ Data, and Numerical
J.A. Lorenzzetti, M. Kampel, C.M. Bentz & A.R. Torres Jr.


Y.-L. Desnos

Wave Mode Algorithms, Validation and Assimilation

Envisat ASAR Wave Mode Products - Quality Assessment and Algorithm Upgrade
H. Johnsen, G. Engen, F. Collard et al.

Statistical Analysis of a Two Year Global Dataset of Re-Processed ERS-2 Imagettes
over the Global Oceans
S. Lehner, S.T. König and J. Schulz-Stellenfleth

Assimilation of Envisat Altimeter and Scatterometer Data in Real Time Wave Predictions
G. Kallos, G. Galanis & G. Emmanouil

Retrieval of Integral Ocean Wave Parameters from SAR Data Using an Empirical Approach
J. Schulz-Stellenfleth, T. König & S. Lehner

Why SAR Wave Mode Data of ERS and Envisat are Inadequate for Giving the Probability
of Occurrence of Freak Waves
P. Janssen & W. Alpers

The Impact of Using the Upgrade Processing of ASAR Level 2 Wave Products in the
Assimilation System
L. Aouf, J.-M. Lefčvre, D. Hauser et al.

Global Validation and Assimilation of Envisat ASAR Wave Mode Spectra
S. Abdalla, J.-R. Bidlot & P. Janssen

Comparison of Envisat ASAR Ocean Wave Spectra with Buoys and Altimeter
Observations via a Wave Model
J.-G. Li & M. Holt

Ocean Current Applications

A meso scale Brazil Current frontal eddy: Observations by ASAR and Radarsat-1 complemented by visible and infrared sensors, in situ data, and numerical modeling
J.A. Lorenzzetti, M. Kampel, C.M. Bentz & A.R. Torres Jr.

The Benefits of Combining Coupled Wave-Current Models with SAR Observations for
the Interpretation of Ocean-Surface Currents
T. Macklin, J. Wolf, S. Wakelin et al.

Ocean Surface Drift by Wavelet Tracking Using ERS-2 and Envisat SAR Images
A.K. Liu, Y. Zhao & M.-K. Hsu

Backscatter and Doppler Signals of Surface Current in SAR Images: A Step Towards
Inverse Modelling
J.A. Johannessen, V. Kudryavtsev, B. Chapron et al.

Observations of Oceanic Internal Waves in Bay of Bengal Using Synthetic Aperture Radar
K.V.S.R Prasad & M. Rajasekhar

Ocean Wind Applications

Ship Detection on Envisat ASAR Data: Validation of Parametric Hurricane Models by
Envisat ASAR Images
S. Lehner, A.Reppucci & J. Schulz-Stellenfleth

Observation of Hurricane Winds Using Synthetic Aperture Radar
J. Horstmann, W. Koch1, D.R. Thompson & H.C. Graber

On Determination of Wind Vectors for C-band SAR
W. Perrie, Y. He & H. Shen

Rain Cells Associated with Atmospheric Fronts over the Ocean Studied by
Spaceborne SAR and Weather Radar Data
W. Alpers & I.I. Lin

Wave Applications

A Parametric Inversion Scheme for the SAR Retrieval of 2-D Ocean Wave Spectra
J. Schulz-Stellenfleth & S. Lehner

Analysis of SAR Wave Mode Imagette Taken under Extreme Wind and Wave Conditions
A. Reppucci, J. Schulz-Stellenfleth, S. Lehner & T. König

Bullet Train of Non-Linear Internal Waves from Luzon Strait
C.-T. Liu, R. Pinkel, M.-K. Hsu et al.

Oil Spill and Ship Detection

FEXP Models for Oil Slick and Low-Wind Areas Analysis and Discrimination in
Sea SAR Images
M. Bertacca, F. Berizzi & E. Dalle Mese

Oil Spill Observation by Means of Polarimetric SAR Data
M. Migliaccio, A. Gambardella & M. Tranfaglia

Neural Networks for Oil Spill Detection Using ERS and Envisat Imagery
E. Angiuli, F. Del Frate & L. Salvatori

On C-Band SAR Based Oil Slick Detection in the Baltic Sea
Markku Similä, Istcvan Heiler, Juha Karvonen, & Kimmo Kahma

Neural Networks for Oil Spill Detection Using ERS and Envisat Imagery
E. Angiuli, F. Del Frate & L. Salvatori

Bayesian Adaptive Oil Spill Segmentation of SAR Images via Graph Cuts
S. Pelizzari, J.M. Bioucas Dias

Findings of the DECLIMS project - Detection and Classification of Marine
Traffic from Space
H. Greidanus & N. Kourti

Ship Detection on Envisat ASAR Data: Results, Limitations and Perspectives
G. Hajduch, P. Leilde & V. Kerbaol

Tri-Dimensional Vessel Classification Patterns Inferred via Single-Pass Polarimetric
SAR Interferometry
G. Margarit, J.J. Mallorqui & X. Fabregas

A Novel Algorithm for Automatic Ship and Oil Spill Detection Based on
Time-Frequency Methods
M. Tello, C. López-Martínez & J.J. Mallorqui.

Methodology and Techniques

Potential Investigation of SAR Data In Monitoring Island and its Surrounding
Environment: 8-Year Dynamic Monitoring of South Five-Island in
Miaodao Archipelago of China
X. Wang & J. Zhang

Ice Applications

The Role of Near Real Time Envisat ASAR Global Monitoring Mode Data in Arctic
and Antarctic Operational Ice Services
N. Walker, T. Street, T. Skagemo-Andreassen et al.

Inferring the Degree of Ice Field Deformation in the Baltic Sea Using Envisat
ASAR Images
M. Similä, J. Karvonen & C. Haas

Poster Session

Advances on Wind Energy Resource Mapping from SAR
C.B. Hasager, M. Nielsen, M.B. Christiansen et al.

Correlation Analysis of Underwater Bottom Topography and its SAR Images
J. Yang, J. Zhang & J. Meng

Synthetic Aperture Radar for Offshore Wind Resource Assessment and Wind
Farm Development in the UK
I. Cameron, P. Lumsdon, N. Walker & I. Woodhouse

Numerical Pseudo-Random Simulation of SAR Sea and Wind Response
E. Pugliese Carratelli, F. Dentale & F. Reale

Wave Dispersion by Antarctic Pancake Ice From Sar Images: A Method for
Measuring Ice Thickness
P. Wadhams, F. Parmiggiani & G. de Carolis

Synergy Envisat ASAR, ERS-2 SAR, RADARSAT SAR, Landsat TM and MODIS
Images to Research Propagation Features of Internal Solitary Waves in Northern
of South China Sea
J. Meng & J. Zhang

Study on Evolutions of Jiangsu Radiating Sandbanks Based on SAR Images
Y. Song & & J. Zhang

SAR monitoring of Sea Ice Evolution in Main China Offshore Sea Ice Regions
Y. Ji, J. Zhang & J. Meng

The K-Generalized Model to Characterize Marine Features in SAR Images: First Results
M. Migliaccio, G. Ferrara, A. Gambardella & D. Aiello

Monitoring Atmospheric Gravity Waves by Means of SAR, MODIS Imagery and
High-Resolution ETA Atmospheric Model: A Case Study
M. Adamo, G. De Carolis, S. Morelli & F. Parmiggiani

Supervised Pattern Classification Techniques for Oil Spill Classification in SAR
Images: Preliminary Results
A. Montali, G. Giacinto, M. Migliaccio & A. Gambardella

Observation of Rip Currents by Synthetic Aperture Radar
J.C.B. da Silva, F. Sancho & L. Quaresma

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