Minimize SMOS Products and Algorithms
Minimize Processor Releases

Level 1 Processors (L1 Operational Processor - Near Real Time Processor): The L1 processors are applications that process SMOS Level 0 Products and generate Level 1A, 1B, 1C  products and level 1C product in  BUFR format.

Level 2 Soil Moisture Processor (L2SM): The L2SM processor is designed to retrieve soil moisture, vegetation optical thickness, and other geophysical parameters of interest from L1c data.

Level 2 Ocean Salinity Processor (L2OS): The L2OS processor ingests L1C ocean products, together with ECMWF forecast geophysical data and other auxiliary files, and generates L2 OS UDP and DAP products and associated reports.

For further information on the most recent release version of the above processors, please see here.