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The SAR menu to your right provides information concerning the SPPA activities for this instrument.  


Brief descriptions of the instrument, its operations and main mission highlights are available in the sections below:

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In Image Mode, the SAR obtained strips of high-resolution imagery, 100 km in width, to the right of the satellite track. AMI could only operate in one mode at a time. Therefore, operating in Image Mode prevented the operation of the other AMI modes. Power considerations limited the SAR operating time to a maximum of about 12 minutes per orbit. The data rate of 105 Mbit/s was too high to allow on-board storage, and so images were only acquired if the satellite was within range of receiving ground stations.

In Wave Mode, the SAR measured the ocean radar reflectivity over 5 km by 5 km imagettes at intervals of 200 km along track. The imagettes were used to provide ocean spectra, which gave information about the wavelength and direction of ocean wave systems.

More information on the Image and Wave modes is provided below:

  • C-band frequency: 5.30 GHz (equivalent to 5.66 cm wavelength)
  • Bandwidth: 15.55 MHz
  • Polarisation: transmit V, receive V
  • Spatial resolution: ~30 m.