Minimize SAR Quality Control Products Parameter Plots

The monitoring of the ERS-SAR High Rate (HR) Fast Delivery (FD) data products was carried out by the Product Control Service (PCS-ESRIN-ESA, Rome), since the beginning of the ERS missions (1991 for ERS-1 and 1995 for ERS-2). Due to the non-Y2K (Year 2000) compliance of the Fast Delivery processor, installed at the ESA ground stations, an alternative has been choosen for the monitoring of the SAR HR data processing. For each HR (off-line) data products generated at the Italian Processing and Archiving Facility (I-PAF, Matera), an extract of the telemetry was formatted as an ascii file and transfered via ftp to the PCS. The data was then ingested onto a database and an URL allowed any user to interact with its content. These new data products, known as Quality Control Products also referred as QCP, substituted the previous UIND (calibration pulses & noise samples) and UIC (Replica pulses) data products generated by the "old" SAR FD processor.

Range Compression dfgdafgdafg   dfg dfg sdf g Replica Pulse
Calibration Pulse    
Noise Sample    
Nb Pulses/Samples and Indexes    
Product Acquisition Information