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A brief description of the instrument, its operations and main mission highlights is available in the sections below:

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SCIAMACHY was operated in several modes allowing to observe the Earth's atmosphere using different viewing geometries.  A routine SCIAMACHY orbit started above the northern hemisphere with the observation of the rising sun. A sequence of limb measurements preceded each sun occultation measurement. Then, a series of geographically matched limb/nadir observations was were executed in the sun illuminated part of the SCIAMACHY orbit. Above the southern hemisphere, moon occultation measurements could be were executed during the monthly moon visibility period. When ENVISAT entered the eclipsed part of the orbit, dedicated eclipse observations were executed until SCIAMACHY moved towards another sunrise and the orbit sequence started again. Details on the planned instrument activities can be found on the SOST web page.


Scientific measurements were achieved in
• Nadir mode (1);
• Limb mode (2);
• Sun/Moon occultation modes (3).

Detailed information are available in the SCIAMACHY Product Handbook.


SCIAMACHY's observation modes for scientific measurements: 1 = Nadir, 2 = Limb, 3 = Occultation. (Courtesy DLR-IMF).