Minimize ASAR Cal/Val
Minimize Calibration Activities

In addition to the 5 imaging modes, ASAR could acquire data in two calibration modes: External Calibration (EC) and Module Stepping Mode (MSM).  MSM was used to monitor the stability and behaviour of the ASAR antenna, whereas the EC related to the signal magnitude and how that is transformed to physical units (radiometric calibration).

Full details on the ASAR calibration activities throughout the mission are available in the paper presented at the ESA Living Planet Symposium in 2013 by Miranda et al. (2013): The Envisat ASAR Mission: A look back at 10 years of operation, which is available here

Furthermore, absolute calibration of high rate ASAR Level 1 products generated by ESA using the ASAR processing Facility (PF-ASAR) is described here.