Minimize CryoSat-2 Product and Algorithms
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The following CryoSat datasets are available:

  • Level 1 (FBR): LRM, SAR and SARIn
  • Level 1B: FDM, LRM, SAR and SARIn
  • Level 2:, FDM, LRM, SAR and SARIn
  • Consolidated Level 2 (GDR): (LRM+SAR+SARIN) consolidated products over an orbit from ANX to ANX
  • Intermediate Level 2: LRM, SAR and SARIn

Detailed information concerning each of the above datasets is available here.

The CryoSat Full Bit Rate dataset is available only to specialised users and on request. All registered users can access the L1B and L2 datasets, provided they have signed the Terms & Conditions for use of the CryoSat data.


Data Sample

Some examples of the CryoSat Science Data processed with the nominal LRM, SAR and SARIn processors is provided here, these are intended for the purpose of becoming familiar with the format of the CryoSat Science Products from the current Baseline.

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