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The information provided in this page is applicable to the latest Proba-V Collection1 (C1), available to users via the Product Distribution Portal. These products are processed with the latest processor. 

Products Specifications and User Manual

Proba-V Product User Manual containing also information about Product Specifications can be accessed here.


Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document (ATBD)

The Proba-V ATBD for the geometric and radiometric processing are available here:

The values of the different radiometric and geometric parameters are stored in the Instrument Calibration Parameters (ICP) files. The latest information on Radiometric and Geometric Quality is given in the Quarterly Image quality reports.


Reference Scientific paper

The following scientific paper provides relevant information about Proba-V products content and quality:

Proba-V products are available to the users as:

  • Segment products (Level 1c): similar to SPOT-VGT P-products, they consist of raw data, which is geo-located and radiometrically calibrated to TOA (Top Of Atmosphere) reflectance values. 
  • TOA products (Level 2a): Top Of Atmosphere reflectance in the 4 bands: Blue, Red, NIR and SWIR radiometrically and geometrically corrected, projected to a Plate Carrée grid, provided as full segments (not tiled) and resampled to the chosen spatial resolution .
  • Synthesis products (Level 3): 1 and 10 days synthesis for 1 km and 300m, 1 and 5 days synthesis for the 100m products, they are similar to SPOT-VGT S-products and consist on L1c data, which have been further processed with the following processing steps:
    • Mapping into lat/lon WGS84 projection
    • Mosaicking for the SWIR band
    • Detection of clouds, clouds shadows and snow/ice
    • Compositing procedure (using a Max NDVI method with constraints on SZA for 1km and SZA+VZA for 300m and 100m)
    • Atmospheric Correction (using SMAC method) for TOC (Top Of Canopy) products

An overview of all the processing chain and products content is provided in the following figure and table, note that only Level 1c, Level 2a and Level 3 data is available to the users.

Proba-V processing chain (image credits: VITO).



Products Content Description



Communication frames, as delivered by the Data Reception Station (DRS)


Level 0

- Instrument Source packets, sorted by time, duplicated packets removed, wrong packets taken out, etc
- Housekeeping packets, i.e. temperatures, pressures, orbit, attitude, time correlation; sorted by time, duplicated packets removed, wrong packets taken out, etc


Level 1A

Instrument data annotated with instrument and platform housekeeping as well as ancillary (position, velocity, pointing) information. All meta data needed for the following processing step towards Level 1B included. Instrument data is unprocessed, at full resolution, time-referenced.


Level 1B

L1A plus associated geometry derived information at pixel level


Level 1C

L1B that is radiometrically corrected at pixel level: unprojected Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance


Level 2A

L1C that is mapped and projected onto a uniform space grid, corrected for cloud, ice/snow and show artifacts (projected TOA reflectance)


Level 2B

Atmospherically corrected L2A data. Top Of Canopy (TOC) reflectance, projected and mapped on a uniform space grid scale.


Level 3

TOA and TOC reflectances composited over defined time frame: 1 day, 10 days, 5 days (only for 100m). 

S1, S10, S5

Products generation/processing level (source: VITO)

Products Access

Proba-V products can be accessed at the VITO Products Distribution Portal.
A datapool is also available for registered users allowing fast HTTP access to the full archive, see here for further details.

Registration to Proba-V data can be submitted to ESA PI-Community web site.