IDEAS+ Cal/Val Workshop#6

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Day 1, Thursday 11 Oct 2018
Introduction (start at 9:00)
15 min Welcome and Introduction P. Goryl| ESA, Italy
15 min Lessons learned from previous IDEAS+ Cal/Val workshops and current Meeting Objectives F. Niro | Serco, Italy
Calibration, Traceability and Uncertainty (9:30 – 10:30)
20 min  Traceability and Uncertainty Requirements for Climate Applications N. Fox, E. Wooliams | NPL, UK
20 min Spectroradiometer Characterisation required for Traceable Solar Radiation measurements J. Groebner, N. Kouremeti | PMOD-WRC, Switzerland
20 min An Alternative, fully automated approach to Optical Sensors Radiometric Calibration S. Mackin (Webex) | EOSense, UK
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
Land and Cryosphere (11:00 – 12:40)
20 min Biophysical Parameter Retrieval and Validation at the Speulderbos site B. Brede, M. Herold| Uni. Wageningen, Netherlands
20 min Land Products Validation for Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8: Results and Lessons Learned from MBASSS project P. Arroyo Mora |NRC, Canada
20 min Atmospheric Correction and Cloud Mask Inter-comparison Exercise for Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 (ACIX-II, CMIX): Status and updates G. Doxani | Serco, Italy
20 min The International Soil Moisture Validation Network (ISMN): Status and Updates W. Dorigo | TU Wien, Austria
20 min Wet snow mapping with Sentinel-1 D. Small | Uni. Zurich, Switzerland
12:20 – 14:00 Lunch
Oceans and Coastal Zones (14:00 – 15:40)
20 min Uncertainty budget for ESA Level-2 processor for Ocean Colour applications C. Mazeran | Solvo, France
20 min Upgrade of the sky dome correction tools with the MERIS 4th reprocessing F. Zagolski | ParBleu, Canada
20 min Lessons learned from quality control of MERIS 4th reprocessing J. Wevers | Brockmann Consult, Germany
20 min SMOS Pilot Mission Exploitation Platform (Pi-MEP) for Salinity: Validation and Oceanographic studies R. Sabia | Telespazio, Italy
20 min Multi-Platform validations of altimetry for monitoring the variability of Coastal fronts D. Casella, M. Meloni |Serco, Italy
20 min Discussion ESA, all
16:00 – 18:00 Visit to PMOD/WRC Laboratory Facilities
20:00 Social Dinner in Davos
Day 2, Friday 12 Oct 2018
Atmosphere (9:00 – 12:40)
20 min Current results on mobile system prototype development for Aerosol Cal/Val activities P. Goloub | LOA, France
20 min Advanced Aerosol retrievals combining LiDAR and Photometer P. Goloub | LOA, France
30 min Numerical Inversion in Atmospheric Remote Sensing: Methods and Applications O. Dubovik | LOA, France
20 min Pandonia updates A. Cede | Luftblick, Austria
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
20 min Contributions to Pandonia by six Pandora-2s at globally distributed sites J. Fischer | FUB, Germany
20 min The Boundary layer Air Quality-analysis Using Network of Instruments (BAQUNIN) A. Iannarelli, S. Casadio | Serco, Italy
20 min AIRWAVE-related studies: validation, current applications and possible evolutions E. Papandrea, S. Casadio | Serco, Italy
20 min EVDC tools to support validation of Sentinel-5P Products P. Castracane | RHEA, Italy
20 min SMOS L1 Sun BT Validation against on-ground radio-telescope network D. Casella | Serco, Italy
12:40 – 14:30 Lunch
Discussion, Wrap-up and Recommendations
60 min Discussion: lessons learnt, collaborations, recommendations, potential improvements ESA, All
30 min Meeting wrap-up and date and scope for next Cal/Val Workshop F. Niro | Serco
16:00 End of Meeting