Arctic Products Validation & Evolution Workshop

Minimize Programme

12-13 November 2014, Ottawa, Canada

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Workshop Report


Day 1
Welcome and Introduction Yves Crevier
EO challenges in high-latitudes and the workshop objectives Bojan Bojkov
Downstream EO Products and Services for the Arctic:
CSA Support for Canadian Governmental Organizations, Industry & Academia
Guy Aubé
The Growing Importance of Remote Sensing Derived Information
to Northern Commercial Activities.
Bill Jefferies/
Dennis Nazarenko
Using Arctic and high-latitude observational data for process studies
and model evaluation at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)
Ralf Bennartz
(On Behalf of) Ulrika Willen
Use of remote sensing in WWF's Rapid Assessment of Circum-Arctic Ecosystem Resilience (RACER) tool
for conservation planning in a rapidly changing Arctic
James Snider
Ocean color remote sensing for the study of Arctic marine ecosystems:
I- Major research initiatives and scientific results
Marcel Babin
Land Session (1/2) Chair: D. Peddle
Remote Sensing of Northern Forest Tree Species Products and Validation using
Spectral Mixture Analysis and Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery, Northwest Territories, Canada
Derek Peddle
Detecting Landscape Changes in High Latitude Environments
using Landsat Trend Analysis: 1. Visualization
Robert H. Fraser
Detecting Landscape Changes in High Latitude Environments
using Landsat Trend Analysis: 2. Classification
Ian Olthof
Hyperspectral Simulation of an Arctic Landscape with ISDASv2 Peter White
Cryosphere Session (1/2) Chair: B. Goodison
Validation needs for microwave derived terrestrial cryosphere products Chris Derksen
CAL-VAL Opportunities for Terrestrial Cryosphere Products at the
Sodankylä Supersite, Northern Finland
Kari Luojus
Error estimation in snow density sampling and its effect
on validation of remotely sensed snow cover products
Pia Eriksson
From hemispheric snow cover products towards an integrated view on the land cryosphere
- Remote sensing & snow & carbon cycle
Kari Luojus
(On Behalf of) Jouni Pulliainen
The Satellite Snow Product Intercomparison and Evaluation Experiment – SNOWPEX Thomas Nagler
Lake and Coastal Session Chair: C. Duguay
Arctic Lake Ice Algorithms and Products: Progress and Prospects Claude Duguay
  • Homa Kheyrollah
  • Cristina Surdu
  • Kyung-Kuk (Kevin) Kang
Ocean color remote sensing for the study of Arctic marine ecosystems: II
- Algorithm development and data processing platforms
Emmanuel Devred
On the Validation of Earth Observation Data for snow covered sea ice: Challenges and Opportunities Kerri Ann Warner
(On behalf of) David Barber
Day 2
Land Session (2/2) Chair: A. Trishchenko
Using VIIRS to extend MODIS long-term clear-sky composites over Canada Alexander Trishchenko
CHARS as a Science Partner for Coordinated Northern EO/RS Donald McLennan /
Katherine Wilson
Object-based land cover classification of Torngat Caribou Habitat in
Quebec and Labrador, Canada using SPOT imagery and DTM data
Bahram Salehi
Challenges in monitoring Arctic plant growth and phenology using
long-term remote datasets
Wenjun Chen
Spaceborne Remote Sensing Requirements for the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) Elizabeth Hoy
Atmosphere Session Chairs: J. Drummond
Validation Capacity in the Canadian High Arctic:
The Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL)
Kaley Walker
Observing CO2 from a highly elliptical orbit for studies
of the carbon cycle in the Arctic and boreal regions
Ray Nassar
Balloon demonstrator Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
for the measurement of methane and carbon dioxide over the Arctic
Zahra Vaziri
Validation/Verification of the microphysical and dynamic characteristics of Arctic Cloud systems:
what infrastructure is required to meet the challenge?
Stella Melo
Measuring high-latitude precipitation and falling snow from space Ralf Bennartz
Cryosphere Session (2/2) Chair: C. Derksen
Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW): A Contribution to
Arctic Products Validation and Evolution (APVE)
Barry Goodison
Canadian Ice Service Satellite-based Ice Monitoring:
Optical Data Applications/ The Regional Ice Prediction System (RIPS) version 2.1
Yi Luo /
Lynn Pogson
Characterization of Hazardous Ice using Spaceborne SAR and Ice Profiling Sonar:
Preliminary Results
Kaan Ersahin
Validation of DInSAR displacement measurements in permafrost environments Naomi Short
Polar View – Lessons Learned for the Validation and Evaluation of
Operational Arctic Monitoring Services
Thomas Puestow