A pulsed Tuneable LAser system for the characterisation of Spectrometers

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Here below the list of project meetings:

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New ESKPLA Laser

26 August 2015

The ESKPLA Laser has been installed and is working. A presentation of the system features has been performed from EKSPLA representatives in August 26th. The presentation included: a description of all individual parts of the system, presentation pf the software used for PC based system operation, basic system operation and maintenance features. 

Kick of meeting of QA4EO-ATLAS

22 June 2015

The kick of meeting of QA4EO-ATLAS project was held at PMODWRC, Davos, Switzerland on June 22, 2015 with the participation of B. Bojkov (ESA), J. Groebner, S. Kazadzis and N. Kouremeti (PMODWRC).

ESA-ATMOS 2015 conference

08 June 2015

The Project overview and objectives have been presented in Advance in Atmospheric Sciences and applications ESA-ATMOS 2015 conference, Heraklion, Greece, 8-12, June, 2015