Minimize ESA’s Earthnet Data Assessment Pilot (EDAP)
Minimize EDAP Best Practice Guidelines

The EDAP project has defined a set of ‘best practice' guidelines that define a framework for the quality assessments it performs, aligned with the principles of QA4EO.  These guidelines are intended to provide a description of the high-level principles and activities that are required in quality assessments for all types of Earth Observation missions, since these are largely common between different domains.


At the top level these guidelines have been drafted to reflect a near "ideal" scenario, which is hoped serve as an aspiration to new space providers as well as space agencies. It is understood that many of the missions the project will assess will only partly comply with these requirements (to different degrees). This is acknowledged in the assessment grading system which is intended to primarily test whether aspects of a given mission are "fit for purpose" within the context of the mission's stated performance and application.
The product evaluation activity they undertake is divided into six sections:

  • Details
  • Generation
  • Quality Flags
  • Uncertainty Characterisation
  • Validation
  • Inter-comparison

These sections are themselves divided into sub-sections, which constitute each of the different aspects of the data product that should be assessed and graded, either as Basic, Intermediate, Good or Excellent.
The information is gathered in a Quality Assurance Report (QAR) and summarised in a product quality evaluation matrix.


Figure 1 EDAP Product Quality Evaluation Matrix – example

Each sub-section has its own assessment criteria; examples provided below:

Product Information > Product Details
Uncertainty Characterisation > Uncertainty Values Provided


The Best Practice Guidelines with detailed focus on Optical Missions and a template for the Mission Quality Assessment Report may be downloaded below:

EDAP.TMP.002_1.0 - Optical Mission Quality Assessment.pdf

EDAP.REP.001_1.3 - Mission Quality Assessment Guidelines.pdf

EDAP.TMP.001_1.3 - Mission Quality Assessment Report Template.docx