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NEST Tutorials and presentations

From this page you will find some material provinding an overview about NEST functionalities and few hands-on exercises showing the different ways to use the software.



LTC 2013 SAR for Agriculture - Practical C. Schmullius (University of Jena), A.Minchella (RSAC c/o ESA-ESRIN), Michael Foumelis (ESA)



ERS ETNA DEM Generation by A. Minchella (RSAC/ESA) and P. Marinkovic (PPO.labs)

NEST Overview at IGARSS2012 by Marcus Engdahl, ESA



NEST 2011 InSAR Course Practical by A. Minchella (RSAC/ESA) and P. Marinkovic (PPO.labs)

NEST 2011 InSAR Course Theory by P. Marinkovic (PPO.labs)

LTC2011 - NEST Intro & SAR Practical by A. Minchella (RSAC/ESA)

LTC2011 - InSAR Practical by R. Hanssen (TU Delft University) and A. Minchella (RSAC/ESA)

EFIDIR Spring School 2011 NEST Intro & Practical   by A.Minchella (RSAC/ESA)

EFIDIR Spring School 2011: NEST and PolSARPro by A. Minchella (RSAC/ESA)

NEST Cookbook by P. Mahapatra and R. Hanssen (TU Delft University)

Flood Mapping with NEST by Chris Stewart (RSAC/ESA)

Italian Coast Guard Training by A. Minchella (RSAC/ESA) and F. Costantini (University of Tor Vergata, Italy)

ESA Adavanced Course on Radar Polarimetry: NEST Overview and Practical by A. Minchella, (RSAC/ESA)

PolInSar 2011 NEST with PolsarPro by A. Minchella (RSAC/ESA)



Fringe 2009 Nest_User_Training_Course by L. Veci (Array)

Fringe 2009 InSAR_Training by P. Marinkovic (PPO.labs)

Fringe 2009 NEST_DORIS_Training by P. Marinkovic (PPO.labs)



Fringe 2009 Poster

Sentinels4Science Poster

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