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NEST Release 5.1 2014-04-24

  • Costantini MCF phase unwrapping
  • InSAR optimized coregistration
  • Cross Interferometry between ERS and ENVISAT
  • fixes for Cosmo-Skymed product reader start time error

NEST Release 5.0.16 2013-09-23

  • * SENTINEL-1 SAFE readers
  • * SENTINEL-1 TOPSAR Deburst and Merge
  • * Autoupdate installation
  • * New abstraction for left/right facing missions
  • * Rigorous TerraSAR-X calibration
  • * TC of TerraSAR-X detected products
  • * Copy, move, delete from product library
  • * Graphical subset selection
  • * Mapping tools layers
  • * Mosaic several bands at once to create RGB mosaics
  • * Import vector operator
  • * Flip operator
  • * Update to ENVISAT reader for ASAR 4/C specification
  • * Fix for GeoTIFF projection issue
  • * Deskewing of ALOS L1.1 to allow terrain correction
  • * Support for ASTER and external DEM's in InSAR modules
  • * Additional information in InSAR Overview tables

+ fix for TSX detected 
+ fix for writing file format from GPT
+ fix to layer manager to allow multiple selections
+ fix to apply DELFT orbit file
+ fix for TSX SSC flipping
+ fix for land mask
+ fix RTC no dem area
+ fix Apply Orbit to use 8th order Lagrange interpolator
+ fix for Generic Writer to not write virtual bands
+ fix for occasional polynomial normalization issues in interferogram formation
+ fix for occasional artifacts in topo phase removal
+ fix PRF in ASAR 4B, 4C specs
+ fix for ERS JDom character issue


Note: To handle left and right facing missions generically, missions such as RADARSAT-2 are no longer "North-up" oriented. Images in the SAR geometry will always have the first line at the start time and the first row at the near range.

NEST Release 5.0.10 2013-07-10

  • Autoupdate installation
  • New abstraction for left/right facing missions
  • Rigorous TerraSAR-X calibration
  • TC of TerraSAR-X detected products
  • Copy, move, delete from product library
  • Graphical subset selection
  • Mapping tools layers
  • Mosaic several bands at once to create RGB mosaics
  • Import vector operator
  • Flip operator
  • Update to ENVISAT reader for ASAR 4/C specification
  • Fix for GeoTIFF projection issue
  • Deskewing of ALOS L1.1 to allow terrain correction

Problem reports fixed:

Ticket     Summary
#557     ALOS L1.1 Georeferencing
#570     ALOS Deskewing
#640     Update to ENVISAT spec 4C
#643     TerraSAR-X SSC misreading header of each line
#337     Metadata is not changed for reprojection.
#529     One click auto update of whole software
#539     TerraSAR-X TC of detected products
#550     Graphical Subset Selection in Subset Operator
#551     Automatic Coregistration of ERS
#554     TerraSAR-X Rigorous Calibration
#612     coregistration of island use only GCPs on land
#615     Import vector from a graph
#639     Sentinel-1 tie point grids
#641     batch processing and subset operator
#486     Delauney triangulation in sar simulation TC
#497     Multichannel selection for RGB mosaics
#509     Oversampling Operator: borders of tile visible and input selection
#513     HSV no data
#527     TC result of TerraSAR-X SSC product contains NaN
#530     Auto submit error logs to know when a user has encountered a problem
#532     Graphical indication of look direction
#533     Move, copy, rename products from Product Library
#534     Default colour maps for particular bands possibly saved in metadata of product
#552     Full ASTER GDEM Support
#553     Common time domain interpolators
#596     Radarsat-1 reader
#604     Incorrect TC result for GM product crossing 180 meridian
#605     TC with radiometric normalization for RS2 does not work
#606     LUTs in RS2 source product's metadata are removed after calibration
#607     Tif quicklooks are washed out
#608     reprojection to ENVI format gives error
#609     Coregistration of polarimetric products ignoring polarisation
#610     Use Resampling in TC for interpolation
#611     Original Product Metadata node for all readers
#613     Add single click selection in ProductLibrary
#614     Mosaic tile edges visible
#616     Batch Processing Terrain Correct parameters reset
#617     Save and restore a project when saving and opening Sessions
#618     Black strips in deskewed ALOS product
#620     Add help button to Product Library
#621     Multilooking or undersampling a reprojected (or terrain corrected) product yields incorrect geocoding
#622     RTC gamma0 beta0 not using nodatavalue
#623     Artifacts in simulated TerraSAR-X image
#624     TerraSAR-X geocoding and tie point grid do not match image
#625     Descending RadarSAT-2 product is not read with near range on the left
#629     Include text field for geographic coordinates in subset operator
#630     Flip operator
#637     GenericWriter should write only data, and exclude any virtual bands
#535     Google Earth export with NEST logo
#619     WSS Deburst, Calibrate, Detect graph not working
#626     Describe module manager in installer
#627     Disable sending diagnostic error message by default

NEST Release 4C-1.1 2012-07-27

  •     Interferometry
    •     Phase filtering
    •     Integration with SNAPHU for phase unwrapping
    •     Phase to height conversion
    •     DEM generation
    •     Three-pass differential InSAR
    •     InSAR stack overview and selection of an optimal master product
    •     Bug fixes and performance improvements
  •     ENVI export with georeferencing
  •     Selectable target format for batch processing
  •     ArcInfo Binary Grid reader
  •     Improved coregistration of polarimetric products
  •     Improved SAR Simulation Terrain Correction
  •     Better PolSARPro integration
  •     ASTER GDEM v2 support
  •     Ellipsoid Correction  Range-Doppler: selectable pixel size
  •     Cosmo-SkyMed Wide Swath (detected) calibration

Problem reports fixed:

#494     GeoTiff not readable by ArcGIS     
#496     Coregistration of Quad Pol products
#526     Warnings showed in the shell when the sw is launched
#580     Prare orbit unable to unzip .Z
#586     At: Write operator not using format from graph
#602     Dimap writer not work on huge products
#410     Replace metadata not working for products with different number of bands     
#419     NetCDF writer bug on coregistered products     
#454     HDF export could not initialize hdf library
#475     Export to ENVI missing geocoding     
#581     GUI batch processing not saving other formats
#590     ImageIO writer not working from graphs
#599     TS-X reader     
#481     Terrasar-X SSC TC of Calibrated data     
#483     Align EC with TC user interface
#485     Geocoding/reprojection of image with geographic coordinates changing from negative to positive
#487     JVM startup parameters
#488     Azimuth Filtering Operator: problem with tiles along the edges
#489     Performance improvement on Interferogram and Azimuth filter
#490     Dependency conflict with Worldwind and Xerces
#491     PolSARpro does not starting
#499     RS2 date off in product library     
#500     ID Column not expandable     
#501     Graph builder click to set tab instead of float over     
#503     rename geometries to vectors
#504     remember last use graph folder
#505     Product Library error reporting
#507     Band math OP: compatibility of images with same size
#508     Oversampling Operator does not work with ERS CEOS data     
#512     PolSARPro writer     
#514     When NEST turns off it does not save properly the product     
#515     Ugly font rendering on linux     
#516     NEST poms do not perform clean deploy
#528     Improve startup time with threads     
#579     Name of DORIS orbit     
#582     WorldWind Map not centering to TC products
#593     Product Library world map not zoomed to selection
#597     NEST reset pixel spacing in TC UI
#598     artetacts in TC local incidence angle
#603     Add resampling selection to create elevation band

NEST Bug Fix Update 4B-1.1 2011-12-01

Problem reports fixed:

#382  Tiled generation of Kmz file for product
#404  RADARSAT-2 product naming
#415  RS2 Calibrate I and Q bands separately for complex product     
#470  Shadow-layover values are not correct     
#471  Cross Correlation not cancelled     
#472  GPT not writing the selected format
#478  The GPT writes only in the directory where it starts     
#479  Add a button to save the project.     
#481  Terrasar-X SSC TC of Calibrated data     
#484  RADARSAT-2 product naming
#487  JVM startup parameters prevent starting on some systems
#488  Azimuth Filtering problem with tiles along the edges
#489  Performance improvement on Interferogram and Azimuth filter
#490  Dependency conflict with Worldwind and Xerces
#495  PCA in one graph
#499  Product Library date off by one day

Known Issues

NEST Release 4B-1.0 2011-09-02

  • Full InSAR processing chain, except unwrapping and stack processing (Available soon)
    • Improved interferogram and coherence
    • Topographic phase removal
    • Filtering of spectras in range and azimuth
  • Command line interface improvments
  • Easier Coregistration from the command line
  • $Band0, $Band1 variables for batch processing of BandMaths
  • ReprojectionUI for graph processing
  • Automatic fetching of DORIS and PRARE orbit files
  • Automatic GETASSE30 download
  • New interpolators
  • HSV View

Problem reports fixed:

321    RGB problem with 2 bands
313    Configure location of .nest folder
387    Add linear to dB operator
233    Getting orbit files from FTP for PRARE and DORIS
138    Add keyboard shortcuts and functionality as Windows
392    Downloading Orbits needs progress bar
393    Replace metadata from menu not recognizing polsar_data
395    Search Metadata by Value
396    Batch processing of BandMaths
391    Reprojection Operator
398    ProductLibrary Quicklooks
402    Radarsat-2 calibration is not correct for subset
403    SARSimTC performs unnecessary coregistrations for full pol product
399    windfield estimation produces constant wind speed
400    Artifacts in TC image when ACE DEM is used
397    CreateStackUI for default band selection
405    Modular Help
406    ASTER GDEM problem in Arctic regions
407    ProductSet Add All Open products
408    Default RGB bands
411    Relax band maths to use multiple product from differrent locations
412    More accurate land mask with SRTM 3 sec data
413    reprojectionUI for graphs
225    Update Tool to verify that all products are up to date wrt calibration, orbit files
409    Multilook to optionally not produce real and imaginary
404    Frost, Lee and Gamma map filters produce same result for TerraSAR-X
414    Source pixel spacings should be displayed in TC UI
416    EC GG does not work
417    Data in wind field report is too long
418    STD and RMS filters do not work
420    label in object detection result does not match target size
421    EEC mode TerraSAR-X geocoding is not correct
422    Add geoRegion from Beam to SubsetOp
423    Large TSX products not read
424    Geocoding is incorrect for ALOS level 1.1 product
302    GEC/IMG products displayed as satellite coordinates
394    Launch PolsarPro
425    RS2 average scene height
426    Delay load database to speed up startup
427    Add sorting options to Product Library
428    Improve geoBoundaries in product library world map
429    Orbit file downloads threading issue
430    TanDemX products not handled properly
431    Faster reader determination for product library
432    Fill productset reader table from database
434    Batch processing dialog report errors at the end
435    Batch processing - report estimated time remaining
436    Use new GeoTools reprojection in TC
438    GeoTiff export not handling very large files
439    numerous issues with NetCDF reader/writer
440    Auto download GETASSE30
442    User defined filter kernel not working
443    4B-0.7 Linux jre is incorrectly packaged
444    4B-0.7 Database complains about orbit_cycle
448    Win64 jblas dependencies
447    RS2 incidence angle and slant range time tie point grids do not match image
453    multilook always output intensity band
466    New option to not mask areas without elevation data
458    RS2 EC is corrupted
456    Terrain correction metadata not filled in
467    SAR Sim TC result for RS2 descending pass product is wrong
464    layermanager compatability with insar products
469    ProductLibrary stability - missing products
460    Subsampling and TC
459    Multilook band selection
468    Oversampling ASAR product failed
299    Subset parameters
461    TC filenotfound error
455    ENVI writer fails
457    Cosmo EC has a shift
323    multpile layer selection
22      choose which directories appear in a new project
465    Coregistration extents not working
441    HSV min/max not correct when using expressions
383    Abstracted Doppler centroid for 3rd party readers
450    Topo phase removal UI has no defaults
463    Coherence unit
446    Doppler centroid coefficients are missing in metadata for TSX
452    InSAR operators handling of input and output bands
451    InSAR operators not checking input

NEST Release 4A-1.6 2010-11-02

Bug fixes for TC of TerrasarX, CosmoSkymed, Radasat2
TC of PolsarPro processed products keeping output complex
Updated help
Use of SRTM in land masking

Supported Products

Current .xls spreadsheet of Supported Products

NEST Release 4A-1.5 2010-09-10

New Features

  • InSAR - Coherence Estimation
  • InSAR - Inteferogram Generation
  • TerraSAR-X Calibration
  • Cosmo-Skymed Calibration thanks to Jason Fritz
  • Product Library Metadata Database
  • Improvements to TerraSARX and CosmoSkymed Terrain Correction

Known Issues

  • New sinc interpolators for InSAR coregistration only available for Win64 and Linux64
  • ASTER Global DEM is not currently height corrected relative to the WGS84 ellipsoid
  • Cosmo-Skymed TC and radiometric normalization is not fully validated

NEST Release 3C 2010-03-05

New Features
  • Basic Wind Field Estimation
  • New ROI, bitmask and Geometry Management allowing users to draw and manipulate geometries (vector data) or to import them from ESRI Shapefiles.
  • Reprojection with more than 100 predefined map projections based on EPSG codes. For user-defined map projections you can now select from 25 map projection transformations and more than 100 geodetic datums.
  • ASAR WSS Debursting and Mosaicking
  • Layover and Shadow Bitmasks
  • Fill Holes in DEM
  • Multicore support
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
New Supported Product Formats
  • Cosmo-Skymed
  • Radarsat-1
  • TerraSARX SSC

NEST Release 3B 2009-10-23

New Features
  • Multitemporal Speckle Filtering
  • Refined Lee Speckle Filtering
  • Oil spill detection
  • Object detection
  • Land Masking
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

NEST Release 3A 2009-08-18

New Features
  • Mosaicking
  • Orthorectification using a simulated SAR image
  • Batch processing from the DAT
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

NEST Release 2C 2009-06-16

  • Orthorectification for Envisat ASAR, ERS, and Radarsat2 products
  • Radiometric terrain correction for Envisat ASAR products
  • Retrocalibration with a DEM for Envisat ASAR products
  • Automatic import of 90m SRTM DEM
  • ASAR Wave Product Support
  • Layer Management
  • Vector Shape Layers
  • Web Map Service (WMS) layers
  • NASA WorldWind Integration
  • Map Projection & Subset Operators
  • Ingestion and utilisation of external orbit files - DORIS VOR, POR and DELFT Precise Orbits

NEST Release 2B 2009-03-06

  • Complex Coregistration
  • New interface for Coregistration
  • Principle Component Analysis
  • ALOS PALSAR Calibration
  • Orbit File Correction - DORIS VOR, POR
  • HDF 4 & 5 reader, HDF 5 writer
  • NetCDF reader and writer
  • Data type conversion
  • PolsarPro Reader
Supported Product Formats
  • TerraSarX
  • Radarsat 2

NEST Release 2A 2008-12-22

  • Undersampling and Oversampling for Envisat and ERS products
  • ENVI Reader

NEST Release 1C 2008-11-24

  • A Display and Analysis Tool (DAT) SAR data visualisation, analysis and processing.
  • A Graph Processing Tool (GPT) for command line execution of batch processing chains.
  • A rich collection of readers and writers to allow easy and efficient access to SAR data, abstracted internal representation and output to common formats for compatibility with other software.
  • Read, display and calibrate ENVISAT ASAR and ERS 1 & 2
  • Provide statistics, quick-looks and ingest parts or entire datasets
  • Convert data to COTS file formats for use with third-party software
  • Create and process graphs
  • Tiled image viewing and support for very large datasets
  • Coregistration of detected products
  • Slant Range to Ground Range conversion
  • Time domain mulitlook
  • Mean, Lee, Frost, Gamma Map Speckle Filtering
  • ASAR WSS Debursting
  • Band Arithmetic
  • Image Filtering
  • Third-party developers are able to extend software and add new readers, writers and operators.
Supported Product Formats
  • ERS AMI 1 & 2 (CEOS & Envisat format from PGS and VMP)
  • GeoTIFF
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