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This is an example how to create a writer plugin implementing the ProductWriterPlugIn interface. 
N.B.: Please be aware that classes' name could be modified along the time.

public interface ProductWriterPlugIn extends ProductIOPlugIn {

     * Returns an array containing the classes that represent valid output types for this writer.
     * Instances of the classes returned in this array are valid objects for the setOutput method of the
     * ProductWriter interface (the method will not throw an InvalidArgumentException in this case).
     * @return an array containing valid output types, never null
    Class[] getOutputTypes();

     * Creates an instance of the actual product writer class. This method should never return null.
     * @return a new writer instance, never null
    ProductWriter createWriterInstance();


The writer plugin should create a new instance of your reader in createWriterInstance().

 To create a writer implementation, extend the AbstractProductWriter. In writeProductNodesImpl(), write your data files.

 WriteBandRasterData() writes raster data from the given in-memory source buffer into the data sink specified by the given source band and region.


Maven DataIO Archetype

The Maven 2 Archetype Plugin for NEST data I/O modules is used to create archetypes for NEST data I/O modules.

A Maven Archetype is a template toolkit for generating a new module package. By using the Maven Archetype you can create a module structure easily and get started adding your code to the module.

A DataIO Archetype will generate a product reader and writer within the same package.

Before beginning, make sure that you have built the NEST source code and do a

maven install

to ensure that all dependencies are in the repository.


From the command line type the following from the NEST source code root folder.:


mvn archetype:create









  • myGroupId will become the groupId of the generated POM
  • myArtifactId will become the artifactId of the generated POM and the NEST module's symbolicName.
  • myVersion will become the version of the generated POM and NEST module. Defaults to 1.0-SNAPSHOT.
  • myPackageName will become the source package name. Defaults to the value of myGroupId

Please also refer to the documentation of the Maven 2 Archetype Plugin.


mvn archetype:create
-DgroupId=org.esa.nest -DartifactId=nest-sar-io

Publishing a Writer

Writer implementations are published via the Java service provider interface (SPI). A JAR publishes its writers in the resource file


org.esa.beam.framework.dataio.ProductWriterPlugIn. In this file add your writer SPI eg: org.esa.beam.dataio.geotiff.GeoTiffProductWriterPlugIn


Adding Menu Item Actions

In the modules.xml file found in the resources folder of the package, add an Action to create a menu item in the DAT. State the class of the Action to be called and the text to show in the menu item.  














            <text>Export GeoTIFF Product...</text>


            <shortDescr>Export a GeoTIFF data product or subset.</shortDescr>


            <description>Export a GeoTIFF data product or product subset.</description>





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