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The NEST software and full source code is distributed freely under the GNU GPL license. Open source makes software inherently independent of specific vendors, programmers and suppliers. The software can be freely distributed and shared by large communities including the source code and the right to modify it.  This ensures that there isn't a single entity on which the future of the software depends on and allows for unlimited improvements and tuning of the quality and functionality of the software. By making NEST open source, future evolution and growth of the toolbox will be possible by the community of users and developers that contribute back to the project.

The new module will need to be licensed as GPL and not contain any non-GPL dependencies. If the contribution is a fix or enhancement of the NEST core code, then you could either email us the modified code or using diff tools you could create a patch. Please note that NEST is still in full development and parts of the API may change over time.

Non-coding contributions are also welcome in the form of tutorials, documentation, SAR expertise, algorithms, or just spreading the word.

Helpful Open Source Links:


Source Code on GitHub


Development tutorials

2009 Nest Training for Developer by L. Veci (Array)

Development tutorials available for BEAM may be useful to you as well and can be found on the BEAM website.

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The European Space Agency is making NEST available free of charge to the user community

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Please add the Processed by NEST logo in the corner of images in your papers and posters. Thank you.

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