Minimize Building NEST from the source

1. Download and install the required build tools:

  • Install J2SE 1.7 JDK and set the environment variable JAVA_HOME accordingly.
  • Install Maven and set the environment variable MAVEN_HOME accordingly.

2. Add $JAVA_HOME/bin and $MAVEN_HOME/bin to your PATH.

3. Download the NEST source code and unpack into $MY_PROJECTS/nest.

4. Open a Command Prompt or Terminal and CD into the NEST source code folder

5. To build NEST from source: Type mvn compile

Minimize Using NEST source with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Get the open source Community Edition of IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains

IntelliJ IDEA users

1. Build IDEA project files for NEST: Type mvn compile idea:idea

2. In IDEA, go to the IDEA Main Menu/File/Open Project and open the created project file $MY_PROJECTS/nest/nest.ipr

Eclipse users

1. Build Eclipse project files for NEST: Type mvn compile eclipse:eclipse

2. From Eclipse, click on Main Menu/File/Import

3. Select General/Existing Project into Workspace

4. Select Root Directory $MY_PROJECTS/nest and press Finish

5. Set the M2_REPO classpath variable:

  • Open Window/Preferences..., then select Java/Build Path/Classpath Variables 
  • Select New... and add variable M2_REPO
  • Select Folder... and choose the location of your Maven local repository, e.g ~/.m2/repository

Note: In Eclipse, some purposely malformed XML in a unit test may prevent you from building the source. Simply delete these files module-no-xml.xml and module-malformed-xml.xml in $MY_PROJECTS/nest/beam/ceres-0.x/ceres-core/src/test/resources/com/bc/ceres/core/runtime/internal/xml

For both IDEA and Eclipse, use the following configuration to run DAT as an Application:

- (For eclipse set the Project to nest-bootstrap)
- Main class: com.bc.ceres.launcher.Launcher
- VM parameters: -Xmx1024M -Dceres.context=nest
- Program parameters: none
- Working directory: nest source code folder/output
- Use classpath of module nest-bootstrap (For eclipse click on user entry, press the button add project and select nest-bootstrap)

To package a distribution for all platforms: mvn package assembly:assembly

Minimize Resources

The European Space Agency is making NEST available free of charge to the user community