Minimize User Scripts

This section features some samples of scripts written in various programming languages and not included in the official GUT software package. These scripts have been designed and implemented by GUT Team in a best-effort initiative, or built-up by simple users and donated to GUT Community. Here, they are freely available and downloadable for any user utility.

If you would like to submit your scripts, please email the GUT Support Team

Be aware, since such scripts are not part of the official release of GUT, users are not guaranteed for support.

You are free to edit these scripts to custom them for your needs.

Each script contains a description and instructions of use in the header.

  • matlab_import: Matlab Routines for the conversion of data files in generic standard formats (Gridded Binary, ASCII, ICGEM, etc.) to GUT-compliant netCDF format (please refer to readme file for more information)