Minimize Supported Data

GUT supports the following datasets:

  • L2 GOCE Dataset (EGM_GOC_2 Product Type only)
  • netCDF (in Climate & Forecast 1.1 Convention)
  • ASCII GRAVSOFT (Grid Format)
  • ASCII ICGEM (Spherical Harmonics Format)

L2 GOCE Data Products ingestible in GUT are only of the EGM_GOC_2 type and the pair HDR/DBL is needed.

The fields that GUT is able to read/handle from this data product type are:

  • EGM_GCF_2: Spherical harmonic series
  • EGM_GEO_2: Grid with geoid heights
  • EGM_GAN_2: Grid with gravity anomalies
  • EGM_GVE_2: Grid with east-west vertical deflections
  • EGM_GVN_2: Grid with north-south vertical deflections

In order to ingest netcdf data in GUT, they must fulfill with the Climate & Forecast Metadata Convention (Climate and Forecast v1.2 or higher).

In addition, GUT uses auxiliary data such as MSS, MDT, and DEM in NetCDF format (Climate and Forecast standard).

The DEM, used internally in GUT, comes from "De Montfort University" ACE2 dataset.