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Swarm DISC Activity "New Products and Services"

One of the goals of Swarm DISC is to bring together and coordinate an increasing cooperative of scientific partners engaged in the exploitation of Swarm data. As new projects are added to the Swarm DISC portfolio, additional institutions will become active parties in this cooperative. It is thus our intention to adjust the composition of the team of scientific experts (Swarm DISC Advisory Board) along with the activity portfolio, ensuring that it continuously consists of representatives from each of the scientific partners, including collaborating parties such as NASA and NOAA.

Swarm DISC regularly issues "open calls for ideas" to identify new products and services. These new activities are initiated based on recommendations from the scientific community through issuing open calls for ideas, evaluating the submitted ideas issuing open, competitive Invitations To Tender (ITT) for innovative ideas. Submitted ideas are evaluated by the Swarm DISC Advisory Board (DAB), a board composed of scientists from the DISC consortium.

The duration of Swarm DISC "new products and services" contracts are typically about one year and cover on the order of one Full Time Equivalent (FTE) of effort.

Please visit the Swarm DISC ITT webpage and sign up for the Swarm DISC notification newsletter on this page, if you wish to be notified of future calls or ITTs.

In response to the First Open Call for ideas in May 2016, Swarm DISC received 29 ideas from the scientific community. After evaluation by DAB four ITTs were published, and several ideas were recommended for consideration by the ESA's Science Exploitation Element programme. A large group of ideas related to ionosphere-thermosphere-magnetosphere coupling resulted in the 4D ionosphere user consultation meeting, and a subsequent Workshop on Field-Aligned Currents (FAC), which took place at ESTEC (Noordwijk/NL) in September 2017.

The four new products of the first procurement session are:

Swarm DISC published the Second Open Call for ideas in May 2017, yielding 16 new ideas. Based on these new ideas, and on postponed ideas from the first session, the DAB has recommended to publish another group of ITTs and to initiate several additional services through Data Visualisation Tool - VirES.

The three new products of the second procurement session are:

  • "Swarm Virtual Observatory Network for Monitoring Core Field Variations"
  • "Swarm-based ionospheric/magnetospheric boundary locations and models"
  • "Swarm-based model of ionospheric electron and ion temperatures"

In addition, three community-driven pre-studies have been initiated.

A Third Open Call for ideas is scheduled for autumn 2018.

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