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    Climate Change/Kyoto

    Instrument type
    Date of Launch:
    23 January 2009
    Mission Status:
    Operating nominally
    Orbit Height:
    666 km
    Orbit type:
    Swath Width:
    750 km, 1000 km
    GOSAT TANSO-CAI L1, L2, L3 full archive and new products
    (3150) recent views
    Last update: 27 June 2016

    The TANSO-CAI instrument on-board GOSAT satellite is a radiometer in the spectral ranges of ultraviolet (UV), visible, and SWIR to correct cloud and aerosol interference. The imager has continuous spatial coverage, a wider field of view, and higher spatial resolution than the FTS in order to detect the aerosol spatial distribution and cloud coverage. Using the multispectral bands, the spectral characteristics of the aerosol scattering can be retrieved together with optical thickness. In addition, the UV-band range observations provide the aerosol data over land. With the FTS spectra, imager data, and the retrieval algorithm to remove cloud and aerosol contamination, the column density of the gases can be the column density of the gases can be retrieved with an accuracy of 1%.

    The full ESA archive and newly acquired/systematically processed GOSAT CAI products are available in the following processing levels:

    • CAI L1B data
    • CAI L1B+
    • CAI L2 cloud flag
    • CAI L3 global reflect. distrib. clear sky
    • CAI L3 global radiance distrib. all pixels
    • CAL L3 global NDVI

    All products are made available as soon as processed and received from JAXA.
    For more details on products, please refer to below product specifications.

    Data Set Specifications
    Spatial coverage: 90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
    Temporal coverage: April 2009 - Present
    Processing level
    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
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    Data are available online upon fast registration.

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