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    Instrument type
    Date of Launch:
    29 October 2018
    Mission Status:
    Operating nominally
    Orbit Height:
    613 km
    Orbit type:
    Swath Width:
    1000 km
    GOSAT-2 TANSO FTS-2 and CAI-2 full archive and new products
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    Last update: 6 August 2019

    The TANSO-FTS-2 (Thermal And Near infrared Sensor for carbon Observation - Fourier Transform Spectrometer-2) instrument is an high-resolution 5-bands (NIR and TIR) spectrometer which allows the observation of reflective and emissive radiative energy from Earth's surface and the atmosphere for the measurement of atmospheric chemistry and greenhouse gases.


    The TANSO-CAI-2 (Thermal And Near infrared Sensor for carbon Observation - Cloud and Aerosol Imager-2) instrument is a push-broom radiometer in the spectral ranges of ultraviolet (UV), visible(VIS), Near Infrared (NIR) and SWIR (5 bands observe in the forward direction and 5 in backwards direction, with LOS tilted of 20 degrees) for the observation of aerosols and clouds optical properties and for monitoring of air pollution

    The GOSAT-2 available products are:

    FTS-2 Level 1A products contain interferogram data observed by FTS-2, together with geometric information of observation points and various telemetry. In addition, data from an optical camera (CAM) near the observation time are also stored.

    Two different products for day and night observations.

    Common data contain common information for SWIR/TIR including CAM data; SWIR data contain information from SWIR band; TIR data contain information from TIR band; 

    FTS-2 level 1B products contain spectrum data, which are generated by Fourier transformation and other corrections to raw interferogram data in L1A. The sampled CAM data near the observation time are also stored.

    Two different products for day and night observations.

    Common data contain common information for SWIR/TIR including CAM data; SWIR products for SWIR spectrum data before and after sensitivity correction; TIR products for TIR spectrum data after sensitivity correction using blackbody and deep space calibration data and after correction of finite field of view

    FTS-2 data are first processed with predicted orbit file and made immediately available: NRT product does not include monitor camera image, best-estimate pointing-location, and target point classification but is available on the ESA server 5 hours after sensing. After a few days (usually 3 days), data is reprocessed with definitive orbit file and sent as consolidated product.

    CAI-2 Level 1A products contain uncorrected image data of TANSO-CAI-2, which is stored as digital number together with telemetry of geometric information at observation point, orbit and attitude data, temperature, etc.

    One scene is defined as a satellite revolution data starting from ascending node to the next ascending node.

    Common data contain common information for both Forward looking and Backward looking; FWD products contain information for Forward looking bands, from 1 to 5; BWD products contain information for Backward looking bands, from 6 to 10

    The full ESA archive and newly acquired/systematically processed GOSAT2 FTS-2 and CAI-2 products are (ESA collection name versus JAXA product name):

    • FTS-2 L1A Common day: 1ACDN00OB1D, 1ACDN00OB2D, 1ACPN00OB1D, 1ACPN00OB2D  
    • FTS-2 L1A Common night: 1ACDN00OB1N, 1ACDN00OB2N, 1ACPN00OB1N, 1APDN00OB2N  
    • FTS-2 L1A SWIR day: 1ASDN00OB1D , 1ASDN00OB2D, 1ASPN00OB1D , 1ASPN00OB2D  
    • FTS-2 L1A TIR day: 1ATDN00OB1D, 1ATDN00OB2D, 1ATPN00OB1D, 1ATPN00OB2D
    • FTS-2 L1A TIR night: 1ATDN00OB1N, 1ATDN00OB2N, 1ATPN00OB1N, 1ATPN00OB2N  
    • FTS-2 L1B Common day: 1BCDN00OB1D, 1BCDN00OB2D, 1BCPN00OB1D, 1BCPN00OB2D
    • FTS-2 L1B Common night: 1BCDN00OB1N, 1BCDN00OB2N, 1BCPN00OB1N, 1BCPN00OB2N
    • FTS-2 L1B SWIR day: 1BSDN00OB1D , 1BSDN00OB2D, 1BSPN00OB1D , 1BSPN00OB2D
    • FTS-2 L1B TIR day: 1BTDN00OB1D , 1BTDN00OB2D, 1BTPN00OB1D , 1BTPN00OB2D
    • FTS-2 L1B TIR night: 1BTDN00OB1N, 1BTDN00OB2N, 1BTPN00OB1N, 1BTPN00OB2N
    • CAI-2 L1A Common:  1ACDN00OBSM
    • CAI-2 L1A FWD: 1AFDN00OBSM
    • CAI-2 L1A BWD: 1ABDN00OBSM
    Data Set Specifications
    Spatial coverage: 90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
    Temporal coverage: 2019 - onward
    Processing level
    Level 1a

    Level 1b

    How to access this data
    Data are available online upon fast registration.


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    Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions


    GOSAT-2/TANSO-CAI-2 Level 1 Data Description Document


    GOSAT-2 /TANSO-FTS-2 Level 1 Data Description Document