Minimize Long Term Archive Technology and Media

ltdp workshopScience data and Earth Observation data in particular represent today a unique and valuable asset for humankind that should be preserved without time constraints and kept accessible and exploitable by current and future generations.

In Earth Science, knowledge of the past and tracking of the evolution are at the basis of our capability to effectively respond to the global changes that are putting increasing pressure on the environment, and on human society. This can only be achieved if long time series of data are properly preserved and made accessible to support international initiatives.

The rapidly increasing volume of data requiring preservation makes other digital preservation challenges inherently larger and more complex:

  • Long-term preservation of digital assets requires continuous and expensive actions to prevent corruption of bit-streams and obsolescence of file formats and media that can make data unusable;
  • The accessibility of the data, together with all the associated information must be ensured with up to date technology, in order to maximise their exploitability.

The focus of the Workshop is to exchange information and lessons learned in current and future technologies and approaches for the long term archiving and preservation of digital space data.

The workshop addresses:

  • European Data Holding Organisations: data archiving and digital preservation management approaches
  • Long Term Archive and Media state-of-the-art and future trends from archive technology and service providers perspective.