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The GOCEXML2ASCII parser is a fast and memory-efficient XML to ASCII converter for GOCE Level 2 EGG_NOM and SST_PSO data.

The parser is very small (source code size about 60 KB, and executable size approximately 30 KB) and fast (about 2.5 minutes for an SST_PSO_2 file).

It sequentially parses the GOCE products without loading the whole XML structure into the memory, therefore requiring very little memory resources to run.

A date calculator is built-in and the parser also converts the date of satellite position from the original format (year, month, day of month, hour, minute, second) to GPS seconds. This further simplifies data conversion.

GOCEXML2ASCII is a command-line tool, currently running on Linux. A port to Mac is under evaluation.

The GOCEXML2ASCII software is kindly provided by Matthias Roth, from the Institute of Geodesy, University of Stuttgart.

Data products

The tool can be used to parse the following GOCE data:

  • Level 2 EGG_NOM
  • Level 2 SST_PSO




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