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World Space Alliance kicks off


16 May 2019

SAP's Global Vice President, Torsten Welte (left), and ESA's Head of Earth Observation Programmes, Josef Aschbacher, sign an agreement for a two-year start-up phase for the World Space Alliance.

While scientists and data users continue to discuss the latest findings about our changing world and the space technologies that are needed to learn more, this week's Living Planet Symposium has also been the forum to forge and strengthen alliances. And, today sees the start of a two-year pilot for the ESA–SAP World Space Alliance.

Data from satellites are essential for understanding and monitoring our environment, and increasingly important for daily applications. While the wealth of data we have today also opens up huge opportunities for business, it needs to be made more convenient and turned into actual products that are useful for commerce.

A few years ago, ESA and SAP had already teamed up to bridge the gap between traditional Earth observation and the digitalised business world with the aim of later creating the World Space Alliance – a sort of digital market place.

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