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Update on new registration interface


13 Nov 2020

As anticipated previously, ESA will replace the long-lasting Earth Observation Single Sign On (EO-SSO) system by a more modern Identity and Access Management interface (EO Sign In), to facilitate users’ access to ESA EO data and services.

As of 20 November, the possibility to register for a new EO-SSO account or the autonomous update of one’s personal account will be disabled. In case of urgent need, the request can be submitted to the  EOHelp team. The functionality will be disabled until mid-December, when the new EO Sign In system will be operational.

The access to EO data collections distributed by ESA remains unaffected.

During the second week of December, existing users active in the last 2 years will receive an email to validate their new account. More detailed information will be published on this web site beforehand.

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