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Swarm Level 1B and Level 2 operational processors updated

28 Sep 2022

On 28 September 2022 an improved version for both L1B (MAGNET, PLASMA, ACCELE, ORBATT) and L2 (FAC, IBI, and TEC) Operational Processors was transferred into operation. The updated version of processors have been used to perform a reprocessing campaign of all the Swarm L1B and L2 data from BOM (Beginning Of Mission) to present time.

The main improvements introduced in L1B data processing chain are:

  • Application of a new Sun induced magnetic disturbance (dFSun) on ASM data
  • Update of Sun induced magnetic disturbance (dBSun) applied to VFM data
  • Improvement of the generation of 1Hz ASM data during ASM Burst Mode sessions
  • Usage of Precise Determination Orbit files as input for MAGNET (only for reprocessing campaigns)
  • Application of an improved thermal model for Inter Boresight Angle (IBA) variation
  • Computation of calibration parameters for Swarm LP density and electron temperature measurements
  • Improvement of LP Flags definition
  • New parameter, i.e. Flags_q, stored in SC_xDYN_1B product

Although no changes have been introduced in the Swarm L2 Cat-2 FAC, IBI and TEC product algorithms, for consistency reasons a full reprocessing of such products has been performed as well.

As a consequence of the introduction of the major changes described above, an increase of all Swarm Product Baselines and File Counters has been required (L1B and L2 Cat-2 outputs with the following Product Baseline and File Counter: ORBATT 0502; MAGNET 0602; PLASMA 0602; ACCELE 0502; IBI 0401; FAC 0401; TEC 0401).
For more information please refer to the Technical Note