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New version of the FedEO client


17 Sep 2021

ESA’s FedEO client will move to a new home next week, bringing with it a new design and several performance enhancements.

As of 20 September, the FedEO client will available on a dedicated website at

The Federated Earth Observation missions access (FedEO) client provides a unique entry point to a growing number of scientific catalogues and services for, but not limited to, European and Canadian Earth observation missions. It serves as a gateway to:

  • Provide brokered discovery, access and ordering capability to European/Canadian EO missions data based on HMA (Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility) interfaces
  • Implement the OpenSearch OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) and other interfaces for an increased number of discoverable and accessible EO data collections
  • Implement the OpenSearch OGC interfaces for interfacing with CEOS Community Catalogues and Clients
Example of collection

Example of PROBA collection on the new FedEO site

The new version of the FedEO client has been visually redesigned and the performance has been improved, resulting in faster loading times. An overview of available EO collections and the associated number of products has been made available via a dedicated “assets” link. FedEO otherwise functions as it did before, making it easy for any current users to continue using the client.